Here’s How It Works

1. We Set Up your Team Store
2. You Select Products
3. You Set Your Own Prices
4. Share Store Link
5. Choose Delivery Method
6. Receive Gear & Funds

Program / School Benefits

1. No Risk ‚Äď 100% Free
2. Quick, Easy Setup & Ordering
3. No Minimums
4. Increase Brand Awareness
5. Year-Round Access
6. Fundraiser Options

How To Get Started

Contact a Team IIONE Member
Call: 310.283.3233
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Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will the store open after I register?

Your store will be accessible 7 business days after you complete registration.    

Can my store be private?

Yes. Your store can be password protected.  

Can I make changes to the products or designs in my team store?
Yes.¬†‚ÄčC‚Äčontact your¬†‚ÄčTeam IIONE rep to make changes at any time.¬†


How do I ‚Äčadvertise‚Äč my team store?

We will assist in marketing your store. A printable flyer can be emailed to you for your players or participants to pass out. The flyer will provide simple directions for accessing your Team Store and making purchases online.

Is there any cost at all?

No hidden fees. Designing, opening, and maintaining  your team store is 100% free. The only cost is if you need us to create a new logo for you. There is a $150 design fee to create a new logo for your program. 

Is there a minimum order amount?
‚ÄčThe minimum order amount is 6 pieces of each product offered in the store. ‚ÄčWe reserve¬†the right to cancel the order of¬†any ‚Äčitem¬†that does not meet the 6 piece minimum requirement. A refund will be provided to those who ordered a product that does not meet the minimum.¬†


How does payment work, exactly?

At the end of a transaction, each individual customer will pay for his/her order via credit card . The Team Store administrator never touches the money or worries about collecting payment, and our online payment system is safe and secure.

How will the items ship?

When finalizing details of the store, you will be able to choose how orders will ship. The current options are to have all purchases ground ship to the Team Store administrator at no additional charge or for each customer purchase to ship directly to the cusromer. The individual ship option results in $5.79 being applied to each transaction at checkout.

When will the items ship?

The initial bulk order will ship approximately two weeks after the ordering period ends. All individual orders that are placed after the initial bulk order take 5-7 business days to ship.

How will I know what items are distributed to whom if I choose to have the entire order shipped to me?

The Team Store administrator has access to a printable form that shows who purchased what. It will include the product, size and any order notes. This form will also be printed and included in your shipment.

What if I have existing inventory?

We can upload images and add them to your store. We will even inventory them if you don’t want to deal with distribution.

How do I use the Team Store as a fundraiser?

We set a minimum price for each product in your store. You can raise these prices to allow for fundraising. Only the prices you set will be visible in your store. IIONE collects the minimum cost to cover the items and you keep the rest! Distribute your Team Store URL and flyer and start raising money for your team!

When will I receive the money raised?

A check for any money raised will be mailed two weeks after products have shipped. Any money raised can also be used as a credit toward uniform, warmup or bulk spiritwear purchases from Team IIONE.

How long can the team store stay open?

You can keep the store open year-round. We reserve the right to close a store after a 60-day period for any reason. A minimum of 24 items must be sold in a 60-day period to avoid cancellation.

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